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Water Features

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Water in the Landscape

Water features turn an ordinary landscape into a peaceful oasis
They can provide a soothing retreat and a beautiful focal point within your overall landscape. Water features can attract birds and other wildlife. The sound of trickling water creates a place of quiet serenity and a sense of privacy.
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Ponds and Fountains Bring the Landscape to Life

Landscape water features can also be active and exciting, like a waterfall cascading over a natural rock formation. The sight and sounds of water-in-motion, flowing, spilling or cascading, can be a dramatic landscape enhancement. Splashing fountains… shimmering pools… no matter how simple or elaborate, water features can add a new dimension to your landscape.
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Installation Notes

  • Flexible plastic liners provide built-in support for ponds.
  • Plastic liners can be used for free-form ponds and water features. However, these features will transfer water pressure to the surrounding walls. Your landscape wall design must account for the added pressure.
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