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Curves and Serpentines

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Curves accent any landscape, are simple to design and easy to build. Consider how tight or gentle you want the curves to be and choose the block or combination of blocks that are best suited for your design. See the radius chart for more information.

Flowing inside curves are achieved by a consistent spacing between the backs of the blocks as you build.

Angles aigus
Allan Block Courbes et sinuosités
To build smooth outside curves, remove one or both of the wings on the back of the blocks. Try to maintain at least 1/4 of the block length offset from the block below as you build curves. Perfect "running bond" is not necessary with Allan Block. Allan Block
décaler au moins 1/4 de la longueur des blocs par rapport au bloc du dessous lorsque vous construisez des courbes.

Corners and Angles

Angles typically require custom cutting of the blocks. Try to design curves instead. Angled walls are not as stable as curved walls.
Coins et angles aigus

Outside Corners

Outside corners are constructed using Allan Block Corner units and take more time and skill.

Inside Corners

Inside corners are easily constructed using standard Allan Block units. By removing part of the lip with a chisel or saw, the blocks can be overlapped for a strong interlock.

Click here for more information on building corners.

Helpful Hints

Try to build away from corners and avoid small cut blocks at the corners.

Angle Externe

Angle Interne

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