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Terraced Walls

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Terraced walls can create more usable space, tame slopes, build raised gardens and will give your yard a more aesthetic look. Click here for more information.


Bring the ground to the gardener! Create easy garden beds that are easy to access and maintain.
Parterres et terrasses encastrés

Green Walls

Plantable walls - also known as "green walls" - can be easily incorporated into your design. Planting areas are formed by simply stepping back the wall and planting in the exposed area. Ivy can also be planted at the bottom of the wall to grow up and cover the blocks.


Design walls that work with your landscape and add value. Low profile planters can make perfect seating or provide for easy access to gardening.

When designing terraces for planting, it is important to provide enough depth and area to sustain plant growth between the walls. This may require additional blocks to be buried on the upper wall.

Murs verdoyants
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