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A slope above the wall will add more pressure and weight. Your design should not have a slope above the wall greater than 3 to 1. A slope below the wall may make the wall unstable due to sliding or erosion and may require some engineering assistance. Contact your local Allan Block Dealer for more information.


Any added weight above your wall is called a "surcharge". Patios, swimming pools and driveways are common residential surcharges. Your wall may need additional support if a surcharge is present. For commercial applications contact an engineer. See the Soil Reinforcement Chart.


The amount your wall leans into the hill is called setback. AB blocks come in approximate setbacks of 6° and 12°. The 12° setback will provide better leverage and require less reinforcement.

When the wall needs Reinforcement

Under certain conditions, the block weight and setback alone do not provide enough structural support. Allan Block’s Reinforcement Grid provides a simple solution by creating a solid structure with more resistance to soil pressure and surcharges. AB Reinforcement Grid is simple to install; just roll it out along the wall on the appropriate courses for residential walls under 6 ft. (1.8 m) tall.
AB Reinforcement Grid is bi-axial (strong in both directions) and can be simply rolled out along the wall. Other geogrids are uni-axial (strong in only one direction) and must be installed running from the front of the block to the back of the excavated area.

Slope Above
Talus au-dessus

Slope Below
Talus situé en dessous

Surcharge 4.7 kPa

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