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Working with Soils

The soils used below and behind the wall are a critical part of the total wall structure. A reinforced landscape wall contains three basic building materials - the AB blocks, the geogrid reinforcement, and the infill soils surrounding the geogrid layers.
sol de remblai granuleux
Il convient d'utiliser de préférence un sol de remblai qui est granuleux


Understanding the property and characteristics of soils is key to building better walls. Different soil types will dictate the amount of time needed for compaction, the amount of reinforcement required, and potentially the cost of the wall. Granular soils are better to build with than clay soils. Sand and gravel will compact better, drain better, and often will need less reinforcement. Soils are typically defined by a friction angle or measurement of the internal strength of the soil. This angle is approximately the natural angle of repose. As soil falls off a conveyor to make a pile, the angle it creates represents the natural angle of repose. Check with a qualified geotechnical engineer to obtain an accurate soil classification.

Allan Block

Soil Selection

If the on-site soils are of a very low quality under or behind the wall, you should remove and replace them with stronger soils. Using stronger soils will reduce reinforcement, allow faster compaction and have better long-term performance. Heavy clays and organic soils are both unsuitable in the reinforced zone and should be removed and replaced. Silty sands and sand with clay will require additional care, and attention to water management when placed and compacted.
Angle d'inclinaison naturel
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