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Allan Block Wall Systems offer a variety of options for stairways.

Stairs can be designed with flowing curves or straight lines. Curved sidewalls create a softer, natural look. Straight sidewalls and corners offer a crisp, traditional style; however they require AB Corner Blocks and take more time and custom cutting to build.

Murs de Soutènement

Take Time to Build In Quality

Building stairs and steps requires careful planning, flexibility on the job site and an eye for detail. Be sure to allow adequate time for layout and building of stairs.


Determine Stair Riser Locations

Once the number of steps has been determined and the type of stair tread has been selected, excavate the stair location based on the rise and run.
  • Mark the center of the stairway where the base stair riser will be placed. In this example the first stair riser is the continuation of the base course of the wall that the stairs are being built into.
  • Each stair riser will need a minimum of 6 in. (150 mm) of base material under it that extends a minimum of 6 in. (150 mm) behind the AB block.
  • Make adjustment as needed so that the first riser is not more than 8 in. (200 mm) high with stair tread material and final grading in place.

Délimitez l'emplacement des marches composant l'escalier

Tackle Your Slope

Match your stairway design to the natural grade of your slope.
  • On steep slopes, keep the blocks tight together. With Allan Block, you get an 8 in. rise and a 12 in. run. (200 mm rise and a 300 mm run).
  • On gentle slopes, add pavers or other materials to increase the depth of the tread and length of the run.
  • Landings can soften a long stairway and provide an easy way to tie sets of steps together.
escalier par talus
escalier par talus
Always check local code requirements before building any type of stair application.
The steps shown here are general guidelines for building stairways. By understanding the basic installation elements, stairways can be easily incorporated into the wall installation.

Salt for Ice Removal

In northern climates the use of salt on stair tread materials made of concrete is NOT recommended as the salt will cause the block to deteriorate. Use sand instead.

Drain Pipe

If drain pipe is being used on your project, continue it behind the stairs at the lowest point of elevation. Do not interrupt the drain pipe at stair locations.

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