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Finishing Options

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Capping Walls

Allan Block Capstones are available to finish the top of the wall. The raised front-lip provides a perfect built-in edging where you can simply use rock, mulch, grass or planting soil to complete the wall with an attractive, natural look.
Allan Block Murs de Soutènement
AB Couvre-Murs
Allan Block Murs de Soutènement
Gravier décoratif

Allan Block Murs de Soutènement

Capping Curves

  • Place two caps on top of the wall, spaced so a third cap will fit tightly between their widest point.
  • Set another cap on top of the first two caps and mark where they overlap on the bottom of the center cap.
Allan Block
  • Remove the center cap and cut along the marks.
  • Set the middle cap back in place so the three fit tightly together.
Allan Block
  • Repeat as often as needed to cap the entire curve.
  • It's a good idea to secure caps with a high strength construction adhesive once they are all cut.
Allan Block

Tighter Curves

  • Place two caps on the wall with the back of each cap tight together. A gap will appear in the front.
  • Measure the distance of the gap between the 2 caps (x) at the front of the wall.
  • Measure out this distance (x/2) on the back of each of the cap and mark.
  • Draw a line from the mark to the front corner.
  • Use a masonry saw to cut each cap.

Allan Block

Capping Corners

  • Cut caps at 45° angles to complete the outside corner
Allan Block
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