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Curves with Geogrid

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Working With Inside Curves and Geogrid

Geogrid needs to have 100% coverage around any curve. To achieve this, additional layers need to be installed above the course where the geogrid is required to fill voids that are created.
  • Roll out the AB Reinforcement Grid behind the wall, keeping the edge of the geogrid tight against the front of the blocks. Voids will appear between the pieces at the back. Trim the geogrid to fit along the front lip of the blocks
  • Mark the blocks or take note of the areas where the voids are in the geogrid placement.
  • On the next course of block, place geogrid over the marked areas covering the voids.
  • On patterned walls, fit the grid through the coursing as best as possible to fill the void from the course below.
Courbes avec géogrille

Working With Outside Curves and Geogrid

  • Roll out the AB Reinforcement Grid around the curve. Trim to fit along the front lip of the blocks.
  • Lift the section of geogrid that overlaps and place infill material to separate. Geogrid layers need to be separated by a 3 in. (75 mm) layer of infill or approved on-site soils.
  • Never compact directly on the geogrid.
  • Geogrid must cover the entire curved area.
Courbes avec géogrille
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