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Geogrid Installation

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  • Once the base course is complete, begin installing the first layer of AB Reinforcement Grid by placing the edge of the geogrid against the back of the raised front lip and rolling it out along the wall. Refer to your approved plans for exact size and location.
  • Stack the next course of blocks so that the vertical seams are offset from the blocks below by at least 1/4 the length of the block.
  • Sight down the wall line to check for alignment. Blocks may be adjusted slightly to form straight lines or smooth flowing curves.
  • Pull on the back of the geogrid to remove any slack. If necessary, stake it in place. Never drive or compact directly on the geogrid. This will cause damage to the geogrid.


Backfilling and Compaction

  • Install wall rock in the block cores and 12 in. (300 mm) behind the block. Use infill or approved on-site soils to backfill behind the wall rock to the height of the block.
  • The wall rock and infill soils behind the wall must be properly compacted using a plate compactor. Compact in lifts of 8 in. (200 mm) or less, this time starting on the block and working in a path that runs parallel to the block and towards the back of the excavated area. Always make a minimum of two passes with a plate compactor. Compaction should be continued to achieve solid, movement-free soil.
  • Remove all excess material from the top surface of all blocks. This prepares a clean, smooth surface for placement of the next course.

Mise en place de la géogrille.
Mise en place de la géogrille

Pose de la couche suivante.
Pose de la couche suivante

Remblayer et compacter
Remblayer et compacter

Posez la rangée de blocs suivante avec la géogrille.
Posez la rangée de blocs suivante avec la géogrille

Additional Courses

  • Continue installing your next courses of block using the steps shown above. Per your approved plans, install geogrid on every other course of the wall.
  • Using these steps complete the wall to the desired height. On the last course, fill behind the blocks with organic soils in place of infill or approved on-site soils. This will assist in any plantings above the wall and also to direct water from running behind the blocks. Click here for more information on finishing the wall.

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