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In-Wall Planters/Terraces

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Consider what will fill the space between terraced walls. Will it be used for plantings, filled with decorative rock or covered with sod? Terraced walls provide built-in edging that minimizes trimming and maintenance. Design the shape of terraced walls to compliment the surrounding architecture and landscape.

Landscape designs are often more attractive when they include smaller, terraced, or in-wall planters rather than one large wall. Terraced walls can create more usable space, build raised gardens, help prevent erosion and add interest to your landscape.
Terrasses encastrées
Murs de Soutènement rectilignes Murs de Soutènement fluides et incurvés
Straight walls create a formal, structured look.

Flowing curves have a more natural feel, provide planting areas and create a softer look.

Always Build on Solid Ground

  • The most important element in building terraces is soil compaction. Building on poor, uncompacted soil will result in settling of the upper walls. Although lower terraced walls are typically built on solid ground, upper walls are often built on soils that have been disturbed in the construction process. To ensure the stability of these soils, they should be removed down to solid ground and carefully reinstalled and compacted.

Terrasses encastrées
  • To achieve proper compaction there are two different methods that work well. One way is to remove soft or poor soil and replace them with wall rock and compact in 8 in. (200 mm) lifts. Another way is to compact the soils in shorter lifts. When using infill or approved on-site soils, we recommend no more than a 4 in. (100 mm) lift. Good compaction is the key to minimizing settlement over time.
Terrasses encastrées
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