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Inside Corners

AB Blocks are easily modified to build inside corners. To construct an inside corner, you will remove part of the raised lip on one block on each course.
  • Use a saw with a diamond blade or a chisel to remove half of the raised front lip. This allows the next course to be installed on a level surface (Step 1).
  • Lay the modified block perpendicular to another AB unit. This creates the corner (Step 1).
  • On the next course, remove the opposite half of the lip of an AB unit and position it over the right angle corner (Step 2).
  • On each successive course, simply reverse the position of the modified block to obtain an interlocked corner.
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Outside Corners

Start construction of all walls at the corner. This will keep the block alignment within the 3 in. (76 mm overlap required).

Step 1

  • Allan Block Saw three as specified in Figure A and B. Note: Five Allan Block 2 are required for full corners.
  • Place the cut blocks on the foundation.
  • Make sure the blocks are level in both directions.

Step 2

  • Take a part (or C E) of the corner away and spread it in with concrete adhesive.
  • Place the block back and make a right angle and fixed .

Step 3

  • All cavities around the block and carefully split the material filling the blocks in his place.
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Corners with Geogrid

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