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Building curved and serpentine walls is simple. AB's patented design allows for easy installation of both inside and outside curves. Most curves can be built with no cutting involved.
  • Try to maintain an offset of the vertical seams by at least ¼ of the block length from the courses below. Cutting a block in half or using the half width blocks, will assist in creating a proper offset.
  • Before beginning construction, review the plans and layout the wall to eliminate tight radii. More gentle sweeping curves produce more aesthetically pleasing walls. Click here for Radius Chart.
  • Use blocks with lower setbacks or half width blocks on curves for smoother transitions.

Inside Curves

  • To build a flowing inside curve, butt the block end to end to match the smooth curve required on the project. Try to keep spacing consistent between the backs of the blocks.
Courbes intérieures et extérieures

Outside Curves

  • To build smooth outside curves, remove one or both of the wings from the back of the blocks and tighten the radius of the curve. Break wings off by tapping on the back of the wing to obtain a clean break.

Tighter Curves

  • Using full size blocks in tight curves will create a gap between the courses. For cleaner lines, it may be necessary to remove parts of the bottom notch to fit the blocks closer together.
courbes intérieures courbes extérieures
Working with radii
Radius Chart
Curves with grid

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