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The design process for a segmental retaining wall typically has a Wall Design Engineer or Site Civil Engineer responsible for the wall design envelope. Geotechnical engineers should be hired to evaluate the overall stability of the site. For information into the basic concepts behind an Allan Block retaining wall design see page 19 of the AB Spec Book.

Proper retaining wall design requires evaluation of the following:
  1. Select the wall location
    • Minimize soil excavation and backfill.
    • Optimize grading and drainage patterns.
    • Consider existing site features.

  2. Determine wall height and geometry
    • Calculate the wall height at its tallest position.
    • Identify slopes above and below the wall.
    • Evaluate surcharges from vehicular or construction traffic.
    • Select the appropriate wall batter or setback.

  3. Evaluate structural requirements
Structure totale du mur

   4.   Calculate the total wall structure
  • Use Setback Chart to calculate the total wall setback.
  • Add the required grid lengths to determine total wall envelope.
  • Cross check the total wall envelope with available space at wall site
Note: For more information see page 11 & 12 of the AB Spec Book.

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