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Reinforced Soil Walls Analysis

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External Stability

External stability exists when the entire wall system - the Allan Block facing units and the reinforced soil mass - act as a coherent structure to satisfy standard gravity wall analysis. Proper wall design must satisfy all four of the following considerations.
La glissade

La portance du soous-sol

le basculement

stabilité générale

Internal Stability

Internal stability is the ability of the reinforcement combined with the internal strength of the soil to hold the soil mass together and work as a single unit.

Rupture occurs when excessive forces exceed the ultimate tensile strength of the geogrid.
Increase grid strength or the number of grid layers

La rupture de l’armature
Grid Rupture
Pullout results when grid layers are not embedded a sufficient distance beyond the failure plane.
Increase embedment length

Bulging occurs when horizontal forces between the geogrid layers causes localized rotation of the wall.
Increase number of grid layers


Internal Compound Stability

Internal Compound instability occurs when a slip arc passes through retained soil, reinforced soil, and facing. Increase length, strength, or decrease spacing of grid, use select infill material.

Compound interne

Internal Compound

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