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Gravity Wall Analysis

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Before you analyze any retaining wall make sure you have an accurate picture of the job site conditions. Every retaining wall must be engineered to withstand the pressure from the soils and other loads behind and above them. Standard gravity wall analysis considers sliding, bearing and overturning forces. On sites with slopes and surcharges, a global stability check will also be necessary.


Ability of the structure to overcome the horizontal force applied to the wall.


Ability of the structure to overcome the overturning moment created by the rotational forces applied to the wall.

Bearing Capacity

Ability of the underlying soil to support the weight of the structure.

Global Stability

Ability of the internal strength of the soil to support the complete soil mass. Contact local design specialist for help in evaluating your site.
Le glissement

Le basculement

La capacité portante

Un plan de faille profond

Other Considerations :

  • Slopes
  • Surcharges
  • Terraces

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