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Reinforced Soil Walls

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When wall heights exceed those listed in the gravity wall chart geogrid can be added to provide a stable wall condition. Layers of geogrid inserted between the blocks and extending behind the wall interlock with the surrounding soil to create a cohesive soil mass. This mass uses its own weight and internal shear strength to resist both the sliding and the overturning pressures from the soil being retained. The wall rock in the Allan Block cores provide a positive connection between the layers of geogrid and the Allan Block wall, locking the two systems together. The reinforced soil mass becomes the structure and the Allan Block wall becomes the facing. The specific location and embedment length of the grid layers depends upon the site conditions, wall heights and Long-Term Allowable Design Strength of the grid being used. See the approved plans for exact geogrid locations or consult with a local engineer.

La Muraille de Chine

The Great Wall of China, dating back some 2,200 years, was built as a double sided retaining wall. The soil between the two walls was a mixture of clay and gravel reinforced with Tamarisk branches. Allan Block retaining walls employ "old technology with new materials."


Geogrids are flexible, synthetic meshes which are manufactured specifically for slope stabilization and earth retention. These "grids" are available in a variety of materials, sizes and strengths. They can be made of high tensile strength plastics or woven polyester yarns and are typically packaged at the factory in rolls. The grids are rated by Long-Term Allowable Design Strength (LTADS)with values ranging from 500 to 4,000 pounds per linear foot (7.3 kN/m to 58.4 kN/m).

Positive Interlock

Allan Block’s gravel filled hollow core provides a multi-point interlock with the grid. As wall heights increase, our exclusive "Rock-Lock" connection, combined with the weight of the Allan Block units, provides the best block-to-grid interlock of any system on the market. See the tech sheets on connection testing or the Seismic Testing Executive Summary for testing results on the "Rock-Lock" connection. Connection strength testing has been done with our grid manufacturers. See AB Spec Book for test results or Engineering Manual.

La force de liaison des blocs

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